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Air Quality Results at JF Webb HS Campus


On Wednesday, October 4, an independent laboratory conducted tests in 30 random locations across the JF Webb High School campus.  We received the official results of these tests on Monday, October 9, which showed a normal indoor fungal ecology in all areas except two hallway locations and the media center, which showed mold spore counts higher than the outside air.  The results of these tests have been posted BELOW.

In the meantime, and as a precaution for our students and staff, we are running air filtration machines in the media center.

In response to these results, we asked the same laboratory to return and conduct an in-depth investigation, along with additional testing the affected areas.  This was completed on Wednesday, October 11.  Those results are also posted below.  

At this time, it has NOT been recommended that staff or students be removed from the building.  Students are being asked to avoid the Media Center while work on the HVAC piping is completed.  Any remediation work will be coordinated to avoid any unhealthy exposure to mold spores in the school.

By Dr. Stan Winborne, EdD

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