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Workforce Investment Act (WIA) - Youth Program

over 3 years ago

What is Workforce Investment Act?
The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program provides workforce development activities designed to enhance the employability, occupational attainment, retention and earnings of youths, dislocated workers and adults. WIA improves the quality of the workforce, reduces welfare dependency, and enhances the productivity and competitiveness of the Texas economy. 
Program Overview:
WIA delivers a comprehensive array of youth workforce development services: tutoring, alternative secondary school offerings, summer employment opportunities directly linked to academic and occupational learning, paid and unpaid work experiences, including internships and job shadowing, occupational skills training, leadership development, supportive services, adult mentoring, counseling, and follow-up services. 
This program is designed to improve the long-term job prospects of young people by providing basic skills, work readiness skills, occupational training, and citizenship skills. Local communities collaborate and establish partnerships, bringing together local workforce training providers, schools, community-based organizations, and other entities. WIA calls on local areas to create opportunities for youth that integrate key programmatic components such as preparation for post-secondary opportunities, linkages between academic and occupational learning, connections to the local job market, and appropriate follow-up services.

What Population does WIA Serve?

Applicants must be between 16-21 years old, low income and have one or more of the following barriers to employment or education:

  • Deficient in basic literacy skills
  • Ex-offender
  • Documented disability
  • High school drop out
  • Homeless/runaway
  • Pregnant/parenting youth
  • Foster care
  • Needs additional assistance

Interested individual must contact Mrs. Howard below is her contact information:


Office Location: J.F. Webb High School


Phone: 919- 693-2521