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School Improvement Plan

Our school strives every day to be the best place for our students and staff. We look into all the areas that we need to improve and create thoughtful plans to be successful! Our School improvement team has put together a plan that we want you to see:

Click here to access the plan and login with the following credentials:

Username: Guest16318

Password:  Guest16318


SIT Members 

  • Dr. Michael Fuga
  • Rita Jackson
  • Andres Restrepo
  • Clarencia Green
  • Emily Shy
  • Carole Griffin 
  • Amanda Baker
  • Samuel Altum
  • Pamela Barker
  • Danna Small
  • Carman Autry 
  • Jordan Cobbs 
  • Ophelia Staton 
  • William Darden
  • Scotty Brooks - Parent Rep