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Senior Time Line


School starts!  

Let's get ready for a busy and exciting year!Make sure you have the correct classes for a 4-year university or job related.  Meet with your school counselor.  Ask about Vance Granville/CCP and North Carolina School of Science and Math Advanced classes.

SAT-August 24, 2024

*Ask your school counselor about fee waivers for college applications and college testing.

*If you planning to play a college sport, ask your school counselor about NCAA Clearinghouse.


Many schools have Early Action & Early Decision deadlines during November, please pay attention to those deadlines!!!!

If interested in  the Military connect with a military recruiter.  See your high school counselor, for more information.

SAT-November 2, 2024


Many schools have Regular Decision deadlines during January

Many students start receiving more admissions decisions at this time.

Pay attention to scholarships.


SPRING BREAK!                                                  


If you are interested in a job, see your school counselor about the senior career/job fair.

Review your options and start finalizing your plan for after high school

April 5, 2025


Start gathering a list of your application deadlines & goals

Begin working on applications with the earliest deadlines.

Schedule a Senior Meeting with your School Counselor

If applying to a 4-year college, create your Common App account and add your Recommenders & Counselor immediately

**If you don't invite your school counselor, your application will be incomplete**

Look for college & career fairs offered locally

See your School Counselor for an Updated GPA and Class Rank.

Register for the fall SAT and/or ACT if you want to take either test 1 more time. 

ACT-September 9, 2024

Pay attention to scholarships.

APPLY to Community College! It is FREE



Colleges will start to request Mid-Year transcripts showing your Semester 1 grades.  Your counselor will send these on your behalf via Common App

Double check your FAFSA application and make sure all schools that you have applied to are listed on your FAFSA.

February 8, 2025

Pay attention to scholarships.


Decision day! (when you officially decide which post secondary plan you want to commit to)

Students submit a final transcript request for their FINAL TRANSCRIPT to be sent to their school of choice.  See your school counselor about final transcripts.

AP Exams

SAT-May 3, 2025


Continue to work on and finalize college applications

If you are interested in the military, see your school counselor about your ASVAB test

Participate in CFNC Free Application week. Apply, Apply Apply!!!! You must have a account to apply for free.

First wave of Early Action deadlines is October 15th!

SAT-October 5, 2024

ACT-October 26, 2024

Pay attention to scholarships.


Some schools start to release admissions decisions for Early Action applicants

FAFSA (financial aid application) OPENS. Anyone considering a 4-year college or Community College should complete the FAFSA!

SAT-December 7, 2024

ACT-December 14, 2024

Pay attention to scholarships.


Students will start receiving Financial Aid packages from colleges they have been accepted to

SAT-March 8, 2025


Final Exams



-If your college is IN-STATE (not using Common App/Coalition), send your transcripts through These transcripts are free of charge.​​

-If the college is on COMMON APP, COMMON BLACK APP, or COALITION, invite your counselor to be a recommender and they will send your transcript for you. These transcripts are free of charge.